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May 11, 2013

Radakan House Picture

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Radakan House

May 10, 2013

Art Manager resigned

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Due to issues that will not be discussed here, our previous art manager, Ilidrake, was forced to resign from Radakan as a whole. Due to these recent circumstances we are left without an art manager, coping as best we can, trying our best to keep the artists structured and motivated. We ask that you in return, do your darndest to help us make the best out of this unfortunate situation, keeping communication and constructive feedback and criticism at a max.


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Things have been moving along pretty well as Tinus has been working on a lot of the back-end mechanisms for the game. Last night
the weekly build got resumed after a few compiler issues were resolved and the general feedback has been positive. With that said, a lot of us
are still learning and expanding our skill set and the real challenges await most of us ahead.

As an example, I am expanding my understanding of shaders in order to improve the visual quality of the game as it stands. Many of the others

Wiki Update

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We changed our development policy slightly, so now the full wiki is open for reading by everyone. An account with ”dev status” is still needed for editing, though.


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Tariqwalji made a new build for us. You can find it here. See the player guide for instructions and help.

Please give your feedback in the forums.

Warning: we’re still in early development, so expect lots of rough edges.

Sourceforge Change

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As of 9th July 2007, Sourceforge has changed the method of accessing sourceforge repositories. As a result,
all developers are required to change their repository information from:

https://svn.sourceforge.net/svnroot/tslrpg to https://tslrpg.svn.sourceforge.net/svnroot/tslrpg

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