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May 10, 2013


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This page is about the history of the project, not the history of the world of Radakan.

First known as The Scattered Lands, and later The Shattered LandsRadakan had its first recruitment post on march 4, 2006, and as such it is considered the starting date of the project.

On march 9, 2006 Tinus joined the team. A couple of months later, it became clear that the project lacked progressive work and leadership, and he became the factual leader.

The date when Tariqwalji, a fellow programmer, joined august 16, 2006, is considered the restart of the project. Elaborate work on the design document started shortly afterwards.

In early 2007 it was decided that there should be an official leader for the project; Tinus.

On march 2008, we decided to start our codebase from scratch, applying what we’d learned to far to a clean slate. We finally decided to use the game engine jMonkeyEngine (Java), instating Momoko_Fan as lead programmer.

On 12th of May, Tinus resigned from the project, leaving Sadr to assume the role as project director, along with other changes in management.

In December 2008, the former Radakan team, including Sadr and MomokoFan, decided to stop developing Radakan. Tinustook over Radakan again. And he downscaled the original goals, so that he could implement everything himself, if necessary. The most striking changes are the new language (Python) and the shifted development approach. Radakan will first focus on gameplay and game mechanics, before (fancy) graphics will be added.

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